Poster Collaboration
- 2019/2023
Illustrations and artwork available for purchase
Description: A small mini gallery with selected artwork available to purchase, you can find more at Poster and Frame, Wall of Art, Desenio or WAY gallery Sthlm.

Artwork: Through my paintings I explore thoughts and feelings. The recognition in my paintings is the flowers and playful colors, that take place through simple and cheerful motifs which represents my work. Each works has its own story, hence the naming behind the works.
Client: Poster and Frame, Wall of Art, Desenio and WAY gallery Sthlm
Creative field(s): Illustration/Artwork/Graphic Design
Year: 2019 - Present
Process: Sketch/Design/Test/Live 

Other Projects
Feel free to contact me if you have projects to request. Avalible for freelance work. ❀
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