- 2019/2023
Collection of various drawn logotypes and lettering.
Description: A collection of various logotypes and lettering I have created for brands and close private events. The challenge is to capture the identity but also make sure that it becomes original and stands out among other brands.

Solution: I have come up with different solutions, but one thing that connects them all is that they reflect the brand and consider the audience. Some of the projects have special details in the typography that connect the story behind the company.
Selected clients: Michael Sjösten, Onyx, IMPRA Jazz Festival and two private clients.
Creative field(s): Graphic design, Lettering, Print production.
Year: 2019 - Present
Process: Research/Sketch/Edit/Design/Live 

Other Projects
Feel free to contact me if you have projects to request. Avalible for freelance work. ❀

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